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Challenging, demanding, emotional and exhausting are just some of the words to describe a potential move for both the seniors involved and their families. It does not have to be done alone.

Here at Green Way Packers, we are compassionate, understanding and with you every step of the way. We understand that a move is not just about relocating, it's about leaving behind familiar surroundings and going somewhere new and unknown. We aim to make it an enjoyable and stress free experience. While we pack, you can look forward to moving to your new environment. When we unpack, you can spend time exploring, making new friends and settling in - without having to worry about emptying boxes.

We will carefully pack up your possessions, arrange for the distribution of unwanted and excess items, and prepare a floor plan for the new home to ensure all your furniture will fit. At the other end, we can unpack your boxes to fill the closets, drawers and cupboards so your new home is just that - home.

To support families when members are going to a long term care facility or a hospice, Green Way Packers can sort, organize, box and label personal effects. This can either be for long or short term storage or distribution by sale, charity or to friends and family. We want to reduce the associated stress and anxiety. Leave the details to us and you take care of what matters most - you and your family.

Moving assistance for Seniors Time is precious and valuable. Don't waste it with wondering what to do with personal effects. Your family is priority. Green Way Packers can help you through this difficult time.

Because of the short notice often associated with availability in Care Centres for seniors, we offer our packers with no minimum hourly charge. We are quick and efficient and will do whatever we can to get our seniors settled in. All used box stock is prioritized for this and offered free of charge.

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