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To be the leading provider of the highest quality specialist packing services. To be the “Must-have” service and broker to wider services needed for residential relocations in Southern Alberta. Growth through the development of productive working relationships and customer referrals. Expansion based on supporting quality training, development and retention of team members. Care for the community and environment through philanthropic endeavours and responsible business practices.

To provide an Individualized, quality service by putting our clients’ needs and their peace of mind at the heart of our service solution during an often difficult transition period. By building teams that take pride in the quality, efficiency and care our service offers. They can then take our clients’ needs to their hearts and in turn, treat our clients’ belongings like their own and pack them with expertise and professionalism. Our goal to become a “must-have” service will be directed toward those in the community that value skill, respect and attention from their service providers. As a result of these relationships, we can further help reduce the impact on the environment at the same time relieving stress on low-income seniors and those needing to move to care centres or hospice care.

Many cite the top 5 stressors in most people’s lives are:
1.) Death of a loved one,
2.) Divorce,
4.) Major illness,
5.) Job loss.
If you think about a little deeper, all of those at some point or as a direct result thereof, will require someone to have to move. Double the stress – at the very least!
We can’t help the other 4, but we can sure lessen the stress of packing.
Everyone moves.
Not everyone can do, wants to do or has the time to pack for a move.
Its what we do. Making Moving Manageable.

  • Integrity - to hold ourselves to the highest level. Doing the right thing in a reliable way.
  • Quality Care - recognizing that possessions are often priceless and irreplaceable. Every item is packed as though it were our own most prized possession.
  • Conscious Efficiency – to value our time and our clients’ investment in our service by being as thorough, economical and expeditious as possible while maintaining quality care.
  • Being open to possibilities – every situation can be different. Flexibility in ideas and solutions is what sets us apart. Sometimes things aren’t as straight forward as they first appear. Adaptation to each individual client is key.
  • Discreetness – keeping our work at work and our home life at home. Privacy is paramount.
  • Enviro-responsible – obligated to provide greener solutions and consciously reduce wastefulness. Reduce, reuse, recycle is our mantra.
  • Friendships – focussed on building lasting relationships with our clients, partners and suppliers. We aim to support our clients through difficult transitions by providing added value services and those extra touches that make life easier. In the end, we appreciate each other.

Caryl Walker is the business owner of Green Way Packers and specialises in operations, logistics and senior care. Her key skills are the ability to troubleshoot problem areas and the empathy to address the full scope of their clients' needs. Clients' peace of mind and the job done right are Caryl's aims in their business. Seniors have a special place in her heart and the commitment to seeing a safe and easier transition through difficult times is strong. When not lugging boxes around, Caryl can be found in martial arts training with her kids, or playing outdoors.
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